Products to enhance your wellness

skilfully crafted. consciously designed. ethically sourced. sustainable in every way.

Teas that nourish, support and soothe. Purposely created to bring harmony to your mind, body and spirit.

Trust your gut, trust that the colour you are drawn to is the tea that you are needing!
The colours that you choose are best suited for your therapeutic needs.
Your body always knows what it needs in order to thrive, trust!

Our teas are designed to elevate your days, have you back on track and feeling your best. Each blend has been created to support you in different aspects and at different times of your life. We are emotional beings, all doing the best we can, all wanting to feel the best we can. It starts with you and honouring yourself enough to slow down and take time to replenish. Herbs are an ancient, safe and natural way to replenish your body, mind and spiritual needs.

Authenticity is at the core our work, we want you to feel good and thrive too – join us.

Our Ingredients

All our ingredients are 100% plant based, fair trade, sustainable and organic. We use the best, high grade therapeutic ingredients from organic farmers around the globe.

Sustainable Packaging

All our packaging is compostable and recyclable.

CauseS We Support

We believe in the power of giving back and supporting our planet. A percentage of our profit will go to the African Conservation Foundation as our way to give back to the earth, land, trees, rainforests and animals.

About Hayley

Following her passion for all things healing, she created these herbal tea blends through her knowledge and awareness that working as an acupuncturist and community herbalist brought her.

Hayley is deeply intuitive and connected with nature, allowing her to explore unique ways of combining and blending herbs to bring you the most therapeutic beneficial blends.

Hayley lives in beautiful West Cork, Ireland where she is surrounded by nature and beauty.

Her Ethos on life is to take care of yourself and love yourself on all levels.

“Returning to your own nature and being present are the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves on a daily basis. My teas are designed not only as soothing blends but also as a practice too to be present, slow down and replenish.”

Hayley’s energy is focused on creating unique and specific Wellness products for you.

Thanks for connecting.


Fun-raisers and tea mornings will be happening next year, so stay tuned! 

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