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One to one with Hayley

Hayley is a multifaceted intuitive guide with a wide spectrum of qualifications in energy healing, wellness and Chinese Medicine. She has integrated these skills and healing modalities, allowing you to receive a unique yet extremely effective energy healing.


Remotely – Sound Therapy, Mediation and Guided Acupressure

50 min 75 euro

Enjoy intuitively guided sound healing with the use of singing bowls and shamanic drumming to release negativity and trauma from the cells and body.

The sound vibration carries through into the cell to relax the whole body. The nervous system can then relax, repair and realign, allowing you to come home and feel balanced.

Hayley will also bring in intuitive meditations and visualisations to help you release old patterns and bring in new harmonious energies. This allows you to activate new thought patterns that are more aligned with who you are.

Acupressure helps restore the bodies energy, once you know how, you can do this for yourself at home.

One to one in person

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Intuitive Acupuncture and Acupressure

70 mins 90 euro  

Receive intuitive acupuncture with reiki and acupressure to allow deep cellular healing.

This treatment works on many aspects, realigning the body, mind and spirit – so you feel fully connected and calm again.

Acupuncture opens the meridian channels, allowing fresh energy to flow through, dissolving any stress and negativity, restoring your energy and increasing your connection.

You will feel deeply relaxed while reiki and acupressure work on your whole being, elevating your mood and diffusing any blocked emotions.

One to one in person

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Acupressure, Guided Meditations and Sound Healing

Join Hayley for 6 weeks acupressure, meditation and sound healing remotely. Each weekly session is approximately 40 mins.

What to expect in a session?

The main priority is to relax the mind and body with the sound vibration of the singing bowls and shamanic drumming, Hayley also brings in intuitive guided meditations for the group to calm the nervous system so the body can begin to heal, and vitality can flow again.

Different acupressure points are worked on each week and are shown so you can continue the treatment at home. Breathing techniques are also incorporated as a conscious tool to wind down and come home, this really helps to ground the group in, so the meditations and sound vibrations are even more effective.

A recording of each session is also provided.

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Guasha Facial Workshops

Guasha is a Traditional Chinese Medicine facial massage technique that has been used for centuries to beautify and restructure skin cells. Gua meaning scrape and sha meaning sand. This treatment involves using the guasha facial stone to scrape, massage, and tonify points on the face by applying pressure.

The techniques used help to stimulate circulation and blood flow to the face, regenerating skin cells faster, smoothing out wrinkles, drain the lymphatic system and tone the muscles on the face.

The course covers techniques and points to use, best used after applying Custom Blend Facial Oil. These techniques benefit the whole body and mind and really amplify your own at home self-care and facial rituals.

Email to find out the dates of the next courses and workshops, stay tune on our social media pages.

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