Custom Blend Facial Oil

Plants have powerful healing abilities that not only enhance our wellness but our skin too.

Our skin can absorb up to 70% of what we put on it into the blood stream. Organic, natural ingredients will benefit your system as opposed to using synthetics that the body finds hard to process and break down.

The active ingredients we use helps to boost radiance, rebalance healthy skin, soothe complexion, repair sun damage and give a brighter more natural glow.

This serum can be used any time of the day as part of your daily ritual and facial treatment that overtime will encourage your skin to increase cell rejuvenation and renewal while realigning your cells and protecting against free radicals making a noticeable difference.

Plant properties help to soothe, repair, calm, uplift and improve the overall tone of the skin while also working on a therapeutic level, calming the nervous system while helping to soothe stress and anxiety to slow the aging process enhancing your wellbeing.

We use only ethically sourced, exceptional quality, high grade and organic (when possible) natural botanicals.

The serum is blended intuitively by Hayley from a wide range of ingredients.

Ingredient list:


Anti-inflammatory, highly hydrating, protects against free radicals

Kukui nut

Prevents wrinkles, soothes skin irritations, boost collagen production, high in omega 3 and 6

Kalahari watermelon

Unclogs pores, removes excess sebum from the surface of skin, reduces inflammation, high in omega 6 and 9 to stimulate cell renewal, brightens and tones

Sea buckthorn fruit seed

High in skin boosting omega 7, extremely high in anti-aging vitamin C, helps reduce acne and wrinkles and enhances the formation of collagen.  


Helps healing of cells, protects against ultraviolet radiation, soften skins overall texture and tone

Macadamia nut

Revitalizes skins appearance, enhances glowing skin, penetrates deep to nourish and renew

Vanilla macerated

Soothes nerves, softens skin tone, calms the skin and mind


Tighten pores, amplifies skin renewal


Purifies pores, strengthens and tightens elastin

Poppy seed

Deeply nourishes skin, balances sebum production, calms the nervous system with b vitamins, strong antioxidant

Unique essential oils ingredient list:

Violet leaf, blue chamomile, ylang ylang complete, ylang ylang II, red mandarin, petitgrain, ravenara, french lavender, blood orange, peru balsam, pink grapefruit, spikenard, cedarwood, sandalwood, immortelle, patchouli, caraway seed, carrot seed.

How the blending happens

Setting your intention is always nice to do, you can communicate your intention and wishes to Hayley when ordering if this is what you are feeling, the most part of the blending is done intuitively through divine guidance.

How best to use

Apply 4 -6 drops of serum to palm of your hands, gently rub together and inhale the essential oils by taking a few deep inhalations and exhalations to calm and restore the body mind.

Then gently massage into skin starting at your neck or jaw in upwards movement, allow the oils to sink in. Enjoy the therapeutic process and ritual.


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