Balance 60g


100% Organic ingredients: lemon balm, nettle, red clover, elderflower, rose buds

Feel loved and comforted with this tea.


Lemon balm
A calming herb know as the “Elixir of life”. Incredibly high in antioxidants which help to heal and repair
The body faster. Also known to relieve stress, high blood pressure, and hypertension.

A powerful herb, contains potent anti inflammatory properties. High in vitamins A,E,D,C & K and minerals such as iron, manganese and zinc..
Strong immune booster with ability to neutralise toxins, purify blood and cleanse the liver.

High in vitamins A,C & B complex, also a power immune booster.
Helpful for sore throats, hayfever, colds, flu and digestive discomfort.

Rose buds
A medicinal flower and universal symbol of love, used since ancient times for beauty and healing.
Rich in vitamins C, A, D, E, and B complex, contains iron and selenium.
Used as an antidepressant and is known to be good for digestion, headaches and nervous tension.

Red clover
A beautiful medicinal flower that helps soothes away tension and stress.. Helps cleanse the liver, and lymph and rid toxins from the body.
A great remedy for respiratory and skin imbalances