Grounding 60g


100% Organic ingredients: Dandelion leaf, oat flowering tops, spearmint, feverfew, burdock root, chamomile

Feel connected and rooted with this Grounding tea.

Dandelion leaf
Dandelion leaf is used as a detoxifier for liver and kidneys. It is so strong that is it also know to help remove radiation from the body.
High in calcium, zinc and iron. Strengthens blood and helps relieve boosting and digestive disorders.

Oat Flowering Tips
A calming herb used to calm and soothe the nervous system. High in nutritive minerals such as vitamins B and magnesium.

A wonderful remedy for nausea, headaches and indigestion.
Helps to combat stress, and fatigue. Contains anti inflammatory properties.

Used since ancient times for preventing migraines and nausea .
It contains properties that provide relief for skin disorders and pain.

Burdock Root
A soothing and strengthening herb known to cleanse toxins from the blood, a power house full of antioxidants and nutrients.
Used to treat Skin problems, bladder infections and regrow hair and nails.
It can also help to stimulate metabolism.

A calming herb used to treat digestion issues like bloating and cramps. Good for calming skin and is also has antiseptic qualities.